Read Kannada weekly Sudha via Firefox

A neat firefox plug-in for reading favorite Kannada weekly magazine Sudha online by Sunil…Here is what he says about the plugin.

You might be knowing that there is a sudha weekly ( that gets published. In fact, I personally enjoy reading Sudha at home. She has been my companion for many years now. I could hardly wait to get a copy on every Thursdays.

A small firefox plugin that lets you read Sudha at your ease.

Few advantages of this plugin are:

* Ease of use – All the technical details are abstracted. Just click the page you want to read and woila!!! you have it on your desktop. (Check the attachment sudha-ezine-plugin.jpg)
* It provides off-line capabilities. – You can read Sudha even without using Internet.
* Saves your Internet bill (useful for dial ups and traffic based billing) – Once you read a page using this plugin, it archives in your system, so next time when you would want to read the article, the saved copy is served from your own desktop. No internet is required for subsequent visits.

In fact we could implement many more social ideas around this.

Download the FireFox plug-in: Sudha-kannada-weekly

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