Good News! Kannada Daily is now in Unicode.. – No more struggle to read your favorite Kannada news paper..


Till this afternoon, it was really hard to read content as character encoding was in ASCII. At last Prajavani decided to move to Unicode character encoding standard to reach out more readers.

Now, its easy for any one to read this Kannada news paper bringing in more hits to the site. On top of it, news papers contents will now be searchable in Google and other search engines in unicode.  Officially Unicode version of Prajavani will be released on Monday.. As of now you could see that many website links are still broken or they are under construction.  Thanks to Prajavani technical team for this wonderful task.

Wondering what is Unicode?

What is Unicode?

Unicode provides a unique number for every character,
no matter what the platform,
no matter what the program,
no matter what the language.

You can find more information about Unicode here.

After reading it all, I still wonder why ASCII character encoding is still being used by Government Of Karnataka for e-governance and other Kannada websites?