Be quick on Ubuntu

I’m always used to service command for starting, stopping and restarting services on my Linux boxes. Bit lazy to type in /etc/ini.d/. When I use my laptop to work with services like apache, ftp etc I had to type the complete command earlier as I had not found an alternative or didn’t take trouble to find one.

All you have got to do is install any of these packages on your Ubuntu installation.

* debian-helper-scripts
* sysvconfig

And there you go!

Now you can use

service restart

PS: just replace with the daemon which needs to be restarted.

Its simple isn’t it?

Always there is an alternative way to do things, you just got to dig in a bit.

Matrix – Its all about Sysadmin

Are you into development?

No, I’m into System Administration and I also provide advise on security. Yes, I can do database administration. Oh yeah I work with Firewalls and Routers. I can fix your PHP or Ruby code. Redhat, Debian, Suse, Fedora, CentOs, FreeBSD they all serve my purpose. Why don’t you try them once. Meet my cuty “Ubuntu” you can find her face in one of my articles down the line transformed into MAC. Hack!? man shall I patch you up with some tweaks, Its gonna be tricky.

I live in virtual world at times, you can catch me on Xen line or just next to OpenVZ drinking coffee. I shall fetch you a mail box which I admin with cute little web interface called RoundCube. Bug fixing or Testing not a problem as I said earlier I can house you in a virtual box right away. Your wish is our order, let me know what solutions you need.

Come on I’m available on GPL, source code is free and my documentation is here on my blog. You got it buddy, I’m ‘Powered by OpenSource‘ . It won’t suck like m$ read this one for more.

You’re absolutely right you were all wrong about me and my work. It doesn’t involve manual work. You got to be smart to be like me “SysAdmin“. My world is a Matrix, no limitations to the possibilities. Work is dignity, Its my mantra. That make me good at and my work and I feel good with my work. Might not be master at all but Jack of all. Don’t challenge me if you are a master, I just have to grab your crown and rule your world :) .

I might be missing something here about my work, no worries. Comment on it, I shall IM you the response covering 360 degree support 24×7. Its my promise with 99.99% uptime. How is the deal?

Born to be Chief Executive Officer

Vikram Pandit is now the CEO of Worlds largest financial services organization “Citibank

“Vikram has earned a reputation as one of the most respected leaders in the financial services industry. The combination of his deep executive experience and long history as a strategic thinker makes him the outstanding choice to be Citi’s CEO,” says Rubin. Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board, Citibank.

We just don’t dream, we make it happen…
Read more here

Look beyond the mirror

You’re young, strong, energetic, happy with the money you earn or have it inherited from your parents. When you check your self in the mirror you see the happier moments which are there infront of you or which you can grab into your finger tips. One fine day you may find yourself to be broke, penny less. Yes, it can turn out to be a true story. What might be the reason? Ask this question to yourself. Also few more given below.

Am I saving enough to in bank to support myself and my family in future?

How long I can live without a source of income?

There are so many stories which you might have heard about people grown up with silver spoon etc and found them on rags. We don’t dream to be one of those. Do we?

Many middle class families suffer a lot due to the burden of loans and it takes their life time to come out of the handcuffs , many die due to humiliation. There are so many people fighting for daily wages to support their family and even then spending money on alcohol. This is not a new story, we read it every day in the news papers. What it takes to get rid of this?

Save money, at least now. No matter what it takes, sacrify little happiness for today but never be stingy. Lead a normal life which you can afford. The 1 rupee which you save today can bring you happiness and the support which you need in your bad time. This is the key to be success and the rich life which you deserve.

Michael Gill’s “How Starbucks saved my life” made me stress on this fact. Look forward for what I have got to say about various investment options which we have got in my upcoming posts. I shall write more about this book once I finish reading it.

I got an E-Mail

Are you bothered about the source of the E-mail which you receive? No, most of us are not even bothered to check if the mail has come from a trusted source. Its not our fault, as we just need the messages to reach us and most of us busy in our daily chores and give less or no time to understand the need of security.

Email spoofing and phishing, how many of you have heard about these words? Yes, they hurt you badly and you may bleed too. Be very careful. Identity theft, robbery any thing can take place with you and your friends. Hope you don’t want to be so careless.

Just find the email which I have here in the picture below, it looks like HDFC bank alert. But no, it was found to be a spoofed email. When clicked on the link provided in the email, it was taking us to a different website altogether. It was quite easy to identify this fraud. I just had to move my mouse towards the link and see the URL in status bar of my email client.

Phishing spoofed

Be careful about such emails. Don’t give out any contact details, DOB, credit card details in response to any of the emails unless you confirm with the bank or any other recipient about the safety. Read the cautions put up on your banks websites and follow it strictly. Its one time effort for you to understand your banks security standards and they will keep you informed on any changes made to the same.

Play safe on the net, never hurt yourself. Use Linux if possible and keep your PC away from Virus or a spy ware.

Shoot your questions, queries and concerns. I shall help you to secure yourself.