Kannada Wikipaedia?

Deccanherald published this following article on its website on 5th December.

I guess it was supposed to be  “Wikipedia” instead. On contrary, Kannada wikipedia  has been live from more than 5 years on the net at http://kn.wikipedia.org and computer savvy kannadiga’s have already been contributing a large amount of articles(there are more than 5000 articles already) voluntarily. Then what is this all about?

Looks like Deccanherald didn’t do the complete homework before publishing the news.

Real Story

* Karnataka government launched a “Wikipedia” like project called “Kanaja (Kanaja.in)” at the cost of 2 crore rupees of tax money collect from public.

* First of all Kanaja.in does not resemble a wiki.

* Kanaja.in is a plain HTML static pages archive as of now.

* Many links are not yet up even when it has been grandly launched by Cheif Minister of Karnataka

* There is no need for developing a new software for building such project for public interest.Mediawiki, a Free and Open Source software is already powering Worlds largest wiki project http://www.wikipedia.org. Wikipedia even contains a language wiki for Kannada. On top of all this, its time tested. So, why reinvent the wheel?

* Hosted on a Windows server (you can find it easily if you click on broken links on the website). Do we really need to pay for licensing softwares when there is an OpenSource solution available? Why not use Gnu/Linux server which is secure, stable, scalable than windows server.

I really wonder if there is any tech savvy member in Karnataka Government who can question this project “after” collecting all relevant technical aspects involved in this project. Is there any one out there on net who knows whats going on with Kanaja?

Event: Wikipedia Academy in Mangalore

Department of Mass Communications and Al Madhyam of the St. Aloysius College, Mangalore in collaboration with Centre for Internet and Society, Bangalore are holding a State-level Wiki-Academy in Mangalore on 22nd August, 2009. The one-day workshop will focus on the use of Indian languages in Wikipedia, editing and its application in academics.

Registration is free. Register before 21st August for the workshop. Registration is open on the day of the event, as well.

Wikipedia editors will speak about the history of Wikipedia and its role in making information freely available to people in several languages.
They will also provide hands-on training on editing and improving articles on Wikipedia.

The talks for this edition will be presented by:
Prashanth N S  (editor, English Wikipedia)
Hari Prasad Nadig (sysop, Kannada Wikipedia)

More details on the program is at:



(Feel free to pass this on to your friends in Mangalore)