First look at Windows7

It was faily quick to install Windows7 on VirtualBox after mounting the ISO directly instead of using DVD. I was not expecting to be able to work with Windows7 on VirtualBox but it took me by surprise as it’s better than Vista and not sluggish at all. On top of it, even the latest beta release as got 3 updates available for download as soon as you’re done with the Installation which doesn’t require a reboot (Thank god!). There seem to be 7 differences with this release through which Microsoft is trying hard to win back the consumer confidence lost along with its Vista release.

Here is the first look at Windows7 Desktop:

Here comes Internet Explorer 8 in action. Yes, had no issues with Kannada webpage views.

Here is an interesting new feature which I explored while installing Windows7

Yes, password for home group networking. Hmm!

Though i’m not a PC User, I’m exploring this beta to see new up’s and down’s of Windows OS. FYI: Microsoft started its new year with a Critical patch release for SMB remote exploit.

Internet Explorer security alert

Internet Explorer is vulnerable. Be careful, Microsoft alarms its users not to use its own browser.

Users of the world’s most common web browser have been advised to switch to a rival until a serious security flaw has been fixed.

Yes, If you’re really worried about your privacy never use Internet Explorer. It’s not today’s story for years we have been having security issues with Internet explorer and now its worst.  Use FOSS tools to be secure and to feel secure.

Read the rest of the report here from BBC

Information week has got more interesting link and updates on this issue. Read it here.

VTU, Microsoft tie-up?

The curriculum which is being served to tomorrows engineers in most of the colleges is mostly outdated or its not up-to the mark to empower students for tomorrow’s on job challenges. They are forced to depend on the IT skills sold by private institutes. I have been through this already and I have understood that the real power of FOSS can empower students to be tomorrows innovators and then entrepreneurs while they give back lot more than just software to the community.

Our well known technical university is still living in the world of Monopoly. It has failed to look at the world of opportunities and technology with Open Mind. It goes ahead and have tie-ups with the giant proprietary software provider “Microsoft”. Hey do you know one thing, MySQL made billions of dolors and there are more examples today to prove that there is lot more than M$ in this world. Wake up!

VTU, Microsoft tie-up to develop curriculum

FOSS community has responded back when it realized that some one have peeped into their house by starting a Campaign against the same. Find more info here :


We got to create tomorrows engineers not by just feeding from the books and resources provided by software gaints. But by making our students think, what do we really require for our country and for our selves. By making them create free and open source software which can really give them the freedom to use it, develop and share it with all for FREE as in FREE SPEECH. Spend the money on infrastucture required to create the research environments for students and in turn create challenges which are “REAL TIME”. “Look beyond the Mirror” there is lot more out there….

Richard Murphy calls Microsoft ‘tax avoider’

Richard Murphy, a windows user and a blogger talks about Microsoft and Bill gates philanthropy on his blog as follows.

RTE in Ireland has reported:

Accounts for Microsoft Ireland Research, an Irish subsidiary of the global software giant, show that the company paid just €460,000 in tax, on profits of more than €1.2 billion last year, by using provisions in Irish tax law to take its corporation tax bill down from €158m. Much of Microsoft’s international profits are channeled through Ireland, but because the main company for Microsoft’s activities has unlimited liability, it does not have to file detailed accounts.

You couldn’t make it up. That’s 0.04% tax.

Corporate social irresponsibility in a parasitical state writ large, I suggest.

And it’s this sort of behavior that finances Bill Gate’s philanthropy. I cannot tell you how angry that makes me.

Disclosure: I am an Irish Citizen. I do use Microsoft products.

What you say about this? Give some gyan to Bill Gates and other corporate brains….

OpenSource India Week

I was able to peep into this event on 11th and 12th here in IISc Bangalore. I was wondering what Microsoft has got to say about its OpenSource initiatives. Also it Sundip Menon from Novel made it clear why Novell really joined its hands with Microsoft in CTOSummit. “OSIW-2008″ its just awesome! I got to learn whats really happening out there in the world of OpenSource in India.

OSIW is just a new name adopted by “LinuxAsia” – India’s biggest OpenSource Event. I think it really made lot more sense. Its being held across three cities New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore till 15th FEB. It was really needed to show off what Indians are contributing to OpenSource community and how Indians can do lot more with it.

Read this Deccan Herald News which updates you on “OpenSource Breaking Barriers“. Two business models coming up together to bring in new innovations ;) lol, yes OpenSource has got lot in it. You will explore it when you read through this news. Co-existence of Microsoft’s Proprietary model and OpenSource model have brought healthy competition in the world.

WorkShops, CTOSummit, Talks about technopreneurship, Expo, IT Admin and IT Developer tracks did help people from different streams to explore new advancements and event was really very interesting. It would have been better if it was conducted during the weekends.

I got benefited by Mysql session conducted by David Axmer (Co-Founder Mysql) and Brian Arker and Panel talk on Virtualization at CTOSummit. Collabnet, Mysql, Knoppix founders really brought in their real stories to tell us what made them “billion dollar babies

Cheers… World will see us growing big every day, Come on India you too can make more money with OpenSource ;)

OSIWeek Website