Hmm, I used to write my diary at least once in a week (Once upon a time). Its no fun doing so any more as many things which has happened in my life are known to others ;) yeah like an open book. There is much to share with world than hide something with in myself. Why not log it some where?


Does it take more efforts from you to log something online? Not at all, Its so easy and fun. You don’t even need a website like the one which I use. Just register yourself with blogspot or wordpress and start expressing yourself.
If you are a fan of Google’s documents, you are just one more step away to get your documents published at Check the settings to publish the articles directly on your blogspot account.

For those who are having their own web space on a server, there are many options to get articles published. Install WordPress or b2evolution, configure to get the articles to be published via a pop account or just use xmlrpc to publish pages via Google’s documents.

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Yes, its possible to make some money out of blogging ;) ask me how…