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Today, I forced myself to revisit and reuse Empathy, a simple messaging client for Linux with rich set of widgets.

Just because, pidgin has been eating up resources and it was found to be hanging or taking too long to pull in the friends list during which my IM windows used to freezed.

I found Empathy working beautifully on my Ubuntu 8.10 and on top of it, I could even make voice call’s my friends logged into Gtalk id’s. Voice is so clear and I could hear the background sound also without any issues. I was very comfortable with my Dell XPS M1210 microphone while talking over Empathy. I had found that the same microphone needed lots of tweaking while working with Skype and other tools.

I also found that its easy to start a video conferencing using Empathy ;) . But I need little time to try this as Ubuntu 8.10 is having an issue with the WebCam drivers. The bug is still open in bugzilla.

Hari and Myself both were online on audio chatting for 30 mins talking a lots of things and enjoyed. He is running Empathy on Debian. Save money on phone calls. Use Linux, Use Empathy….

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