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The White Tiger – Unleashed

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For quite a long time I was unable to read any book completely. Today I managed to finish reading “The White Tiger”. It was good read not because its one of the Booker Prize award winners. but…

It made me think a bit by looking back into the history about the way in which working class people were treated in India by “landlords” of the “land” which was once owned by British people for hundreds of years.

I could also think about the current situation of India where in still there are people working as slaves at the work places, waiting for a chance to breakout of all the bonds and become “Masters” for those who depend on others to live a day.

There are some glimpses of India where in people still sleep on the road sides, there are many kids who miss schools and work at garages, families that depend on the money sent by their kids, who work in far away places, and think of saving some for themselves and also hide some money from the world to enjoy a peg of whiskey or beer. Can they think of killing their masters while they work and make their living?

It happens in Adiga’s book. It’s a fiction but talks a lot about “contemporary India” as few say. but its not completely true today. May be some of the facts are still right when you take an example of “Red light districts”, Call centers etc.. other wise, India has come a long way from the situations mentioned here.

I have “by chance” eavesdropped on the conversations of people while traveling, while having tea at the stalls with public phones which you would find on the way to office. They were screaming and yelling at their parents or at their kids about money. But money can’t always drive people crazy and still there are lot many people who think of giving back to the community and their “families”. No one wants to be a “Murderer” when he is strong enough to make a penny.

Read this book once to know worst situations you can face in life. They were once true in India or any other part of this world as per the Charles Darvin‘s “Evolution Theory” when survival of the fittest was the rule of living and people had no choices. Some of us might not have slept on the cold floor, might not have tasted the left overs, we might not have tried to adjust to the inflation rates but many are still living away from the IT hubs in which we live with air conditioned rooms without looking into the brighter tomorrow. We say India shines today as we reach the moon, but take along the crowd which needs your support.

Read an another review written by my mentor here.

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