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Ubuntu 9.10: Karmic Koala

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While we test the Alpha releases of Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope, Mark Shuttleworth announces the code name for Ubuntu 9.10 as “Karmic Koala” to the developers community in the mailing list.

While 9.04 brings in lots of new goodies to Ubuntu lovers, 9.10 dreams about making it beautiful. I even found a cool comic asking why don’t we move to Karmic Koala directly ;) .  Server edition of Ubuntu 9.10 talks about futurology of cloud computing. More interesting developments. I’m already happy about many things in Ubuntu 9.04 and egarly waiting for Cool Karmic Koala.

Mark on Ubuntu Koala Desktop:

The desktop will have a designer’s fingerprints all over it – we’re now beginning the serious push to a new look. Brown has served us well but the Koala is considering other options. Come to UDS for a preview of the whole new look.

On Ubuntu Koala Server:

A good Koala knows how to see the wood for the trees, even when her head is in the clouds. Ubuntu aims to keep free software at the forefront of cloud computing by embracing the API’s of Amazon EC2, and making it easy for anybody to setup their own cloud using entirely open tools.

If that sounds rather open and nebulous, then we’ve hit the sweet spot for cloud computing futurology. Let me invite you to join the server team at UDS in Barcelona, when they’ll be defining the exact set of features to ship in October

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