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Many public git repositories have several alternate URLs; for instance, the repositories have git://, https://, and https:// URLs.

The common URL schemes for git repositories are:

ssh:// – default port 22
git:// – default port 9418
https:// – default port 80
https:// – default port 443

Above list gives you the respective ports which needs to be kept open on the firewall to be able use your Git repositories.

The git:// protocol uses port 9418, so you should make sure your firewall allows outbound connections to this port.

If you use csf ensure this port is enabled in TCP_IN and TCP_OUT.

To test if the git:// is working you can try the following command on the server

netstat -ntpl|grep -i 9418

To test it externally you can telnet to the port for the respective server’s ip.