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ಡಾ. ಕಿರ‌ಣ್ ಸೂರ್ಯ ಅವರು ಬರೆದಿರುವ ಸೆರೆಂಡಿಪಿಟಿ – ವೈದ್ಯಲೋಕದ ಅದ್ಭುತ ಆಕಸ್ಮಿಕಗಳು ಇ-ಪುಸ್ತಕ ಈಗಾಗಲೇ ಸಾವಿರಾರು ಜನರನ್ನು ಫೇಸ್‌ಬುಕ್, ಟ್ವಿಟರ್, ಇಂಟರ್ನೆಟ್ ಆರ್ಕೈವ್ ಮೂಲಕ ತಲುಪಿದೆ. ಇದರ ಮುದ್ರಿತ ಪ್ರತಿ ಪಡೆಯುವ ಇಚ್ಚೆ ವ್ಯಕ್ತಪಡಿಸಿರುವ ಓದುಗರಿಗೆ, ಕನ್ನಡದ ವಿಜ್ಞಾನ ಸಾಹಿತ್ಯದ ಒಂದು ಪ್ರಯೋಗವಾಗಿ ಹಲವಾರು ಹೊಸತುಗಳನ್ನು ತನ್ನದಾಗಿಸಿಕೊಳ್ಳುತ್ತಿರುವ ಸೆರೆಂಡೆಪಿಟಿ – ಯುನಿಕೋಡ್‌ನಲ್ಲಿಯೇ ನೇರವಾಗಿ ಮುದ್ರಿತವಾಗಿ ಸಂಗ್ರಹ‌ಯೋಗ್ಯ ರೂಪದಲ್ಲಿ ನಿಮ್ಮ ಕೈ ಸೇರುತ್ತಿದೆ.‍ ಅಮೇಜಾನ್ ಕೊಂಡಿಯಲ್ಲಿ ಇದನ್ನು ಪಡೆದುಕೊಳ್ಳಬಹುದು. ‍


ಪುಸ್ತಕದ ಇ-ಪುಸ್ತಕ ಇಲ್ಲಿದೆ

‌ಗೂಗಲ್ ಬುಕ್ಸ್‌ನಲ್ಲಿ –

‍ಹೊರದೇಶದ ಐಬುಕ್ಸ್ ಓದುಗರಿಗೆ – 

ಫೇಸ್‌‌ಬುಕ್ ಪುಟ – 

Imagining the universe

I happened to spend this morning working on this art work with my 4 year old daughter.

She did the background as she always likes to pour the colors on canvas and see that it has shades. She enjoys watching them and see that that itself blends into an abstract.

Our friend Tejas jain surprises with the following response to the above work as folows:

He says “So, the astronaut has landed on moon of Jupiter, Europa”

Here is his explanation.

he further shares the following samples to say why he says above is correct 🙂 “These are accurate”

The discussion goes on to say

View of Saturn from Europa is good too….. just about Orion as it is!

But Mars is better to be Ganymede

Astronaut is illuminated from flat angle, suggesting artificial illumination; a base camp.

A rover is following as pet, an AI companion.

His body language suggest he has spent lot of time alone, may be the first to land for base camp setup.
So, is the title of this painting should be First European 😆

I was like “Oh my you just finished writing a controversial piece of a future mission!”

On a mission to liberate Public Domain Kannada books

What a liberation it would be to be able to say which book is really out in public domain for a language! This could unlock a magic wand to unleash & liberate knowledge for the larger public. We are on such a #digitization #mission dedicated to #Kannada. Let us know the sources from which we can collect & verify our authors names, date of birth, date of death, their works information to make it happen. #sanchaya Drop an email to pustaka at

Unable to read Kannada on Kindle – Ask for Language Support, sign the petition

I’m unable to read Kannada books on Kindle. In Kindle Android app, I see the index rendering properly in Kannada but the actual content looks broken. (see the image). This is not something big for a multinational such as Amazon to fix. Urge them to fix these for all devices. Not only Amazon but other device manufacturers should work on it too. Let’s ask our government to make it a mandate. Sign the petition here.

Update: The petition is only for Kannada Support but also for all other Indic Languages on Electronic devices.

Kindle - Kannada issue