cPanel Accelerated 11.24 Released

Webhosting appliance cPanel announces its new initiative called “cPanel Accelerated” with substantial performance improvements. It’s currently available for all with cPanel’s Current release. Later this month it will be made available with STABLE releases.

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cPanel, announced this week the release of version 11.24 of their industry leading server management software.  Version 11.24 introduces a new initiative to cPanel’s software, cPanel Accelerated.  cPanel Accelerated brings new features designed to decrease system resource usage and increase speed and performance significantly from previous versions.

Finally Kannada gets Classical Language Status

Ambika soni Officially declared Kannada to be classical language on the eve of Kannada Rajyothsava.

It’s time to celebrate and think why it really took so much time for us to get this status for our language.

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Happy Karnataka Rajyotsava

A plea to music lovers – Raghu Dixit

Raghu Dixit, recently entered Kannada cinema industry via ‘Psycho’ movie which is all set for the release. Entire Karnataka is already fida on super hit song “Ninna Poojege Bande Maadeshwara“. His couple of other albums are famous among his fan’s all over the world. He was the one who grabbed the attention of national media with “Kannada” folk songs. Thats how I had come to know this unique music personality. One of my friend did introduce me to his music by writing a small post about “Gudu gudia Kudidu noda” song in Sampada. It was broadcasted in NDTV.

He have been singing Indian folk songs in a new style to take a very simple messages told by our ancestors to the new generation around the world for quite some time now. Though the music attached to his songs have got a western touch or you might call it as a fusion, he calls him self as a folk singer. I was listening to him on “Tv9″ during Deepawali and was got involved with the show in which he told about his journey in to the music world. I could hear from his own words, how we all enjoy his new beats to the old songs which we all have been reading/studying from our school days.

I had thought of writing about him here on my blog couple of days back but ended up writing this one. I was in search of his songs and I could find the samples on his website raghudixit_dot_com but couldn’t buy them online as it was out of stock. I looked into my Audio CD collection to search for the Physco CD which i had bought recently in Total Mall near my office.  I had even referred few people to his website just couple of days back to make them listen to the songs which are composed under Raghu Dixit’s project.

I have made it an habit to hop into many of the new shopping malls and hunt for Kannada music Cd’s as and when it’s possible  to encourage the good music released by our own people (I ensure I buy the ones which I have really liked after hearing them on FM and other media). Today one of my friend shared a link where in we could download the music. I went ahead and saw the comments to see what others are telling about such link already and found this one.

Its just 150Rs, please buy the original. I have worked on it for 12 long years! -> Raghu Dixit.

Did you feel the same thing that I felt after reading the comment? Did you ask this question to your self?

“Why not we give the credit to people who really deserve it?”

Is it is not a shame for ourselves to make an artist beg for his bread and butter?

I have been advocating people to use FOSS software to stop piracy. But piracy is not limited only to SOFTWARE but also to so many other genuine work which we as “Creative Monkeys” have been doing on this earth. Hey come on, Good things does cost a bit and you might have to exchange a bit of your pocket money to hear good music. If you really want to get something played for free for your entertainment, turn on your Radio.

Do buy the records and really believe me KANNADA Cd’s, DVD’s etc are much cheaper than other languages content. If possible stop downloading the music from illegal on-line resources to discourage those who share it without permission from Artists and composers. Join Raghu Dixit’s project if you really want to help him spread the folk songs around the world in a new Style and Zeal. Buy original CD’s and DVD’s.

Read about the movie: Physco – an unique thought