Boycott Trend Micro

Proprietary software companies seem to behave as though they rule the world. Here is an another instance where a free software faces threat from the propritory world.

ClamAV antivirus is one of the famous platform independent free software. You find this software on most of the email servers today. Barracuda Networks, the worldwide leader in providing websecurity solutions is now facing a serious threat for using this tool on its hardware product lines. Trend micro has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Barracuda, primarily targetting ClamAV free software.

ScriptumLibre Foundation, which belives in creating awareness about the economic and social meaning of free knowledge and culture for our society calls free software community to join hands in boycotting Trend micro for its actions worldwide.

Read more here : FSF Community blog

Press release by Foundation

Join us and the Foundation in boycotting all products and services sold by Trend Micro.

Boycott Trend Micro

In this never ending fight for “FREEDOM“, join hands in boycotting all Trend micro products.

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OpenSource India Week

I was able to peep into this event on 11th and 12th here in IISc Bangalore. I was wondering what Microsoft has got to say about its OpenSource initiatives. Also it Sundip Menon from Novel made it clear why Novell really joined its hands with Microsoft in CTOSummit. “OSIW-2008″ its just awesome! I got to learn whats really happening out there in the world of OpenSource in India.

OSIW is just a new name adopted by “LinuxAsia” – India’s biggest OpenSource Event. I think it really made lot more sense. Its being held across three cities New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore till 15th FEB. It was really needed to show off what Indians are contributing to OpenSource community and how Indians can do lot more with it.

Read this Deccan Herald News which updates you on “OpenSource Breaking Barriers“. Two business models coming up together to bring in new innovations ;) lol, yes OpenSource has got lot in it. You will explore it when you read through this news. Co-existence of Microsoft’s Proprietary model and OpenSource model have brought healthy competition in the world.

WorkShops, CTOSummit, Talks about technopreneurship, Expo, IT Admin and IT Developer tracks did help people from different streams to explore new advancements and event was really very interesting. It would have been better if it was conducted during the weekends.

I got benefited by Mysql session conducted by David Axmer (Co-Founder Mysql) and Brian Arker and Panel talk on Virtualization at CTOSummit. Collabnet, Mysql, Knoppix founders really brought in their real stories to tell us what made them “billion dollar babies

Cheers… World will see us growing big every day, Come on India you too can make more money with OpenSource ;)

OSIWeek Website