Realtek RTS5229 Card Reader on Thinkpad E430

MMC card reader on my new Thinkpad Edge Series E430 laptop didn’t work by default on Ubuntu. Thinkpad site didn’t list the Linux drivers and even on Realtek site, it was not found earlier as its one of the latest hardware device in market.

After spending 3 long months, my wait has ended and now I see linux drive being listed on Realtek website.

Installing the module is quite simple. Download the driver for linux and run few commands as you see in Readme. Once you’re done with depmod and reboot the machine , card reader works like a charm. Enjoy!

Arivina Alegalu – 2012 – You too can write

 An e-book on Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) that makes technology accessible to even those who are confirmed e-illiterate.

Arivina Alegalu (which literally means “Waves of Knowledge”) is conceived as a project that will kick off a series of materials written in Kannada not only about FOSS but also on various other aspects of technology and science. “All these materials will be written, edited, reviewed by people working or researching on the respective areas and released under Creative Commons.

Project was initiated in year 2011 to celebrate Indian Independence day in a unique way.  This e-book is a collection of 14 essays by young software professionals to educate laymen on all things FOSS.

The participants write their experience about science & technology , FOSS etc in Kannada. Selected articles will be posted on from 1st August to 14th August. Finally on 15th August, all the articles will be released as an eBook under Creative Commons license to reach out to people who love learning and making use of technology.

Its again a time to revisit this project this year and the Team Sanchaya invites articles for 2012 issue.

Last date for writing an article for being part of this project is 28th July 2012. 

Send your entries to : [email protected]

Press release – Arivina Alegalu 2012


  I have been searching for the right alternative for managing my Xen VM’s and hosts. Its a pain to boot a Windows VM just for  accessing XenCenter. You can download OpenXenManager from or Install it on your Ubuntu machine using the following command:

#sudo apt-get install openxenmanager

PS: Running it from the source from link didn’t work for me on Ubuntu 12.04 but found it working after installing via apt-get.

Once installed, its very similar to working with the windows version of Citrix Xen Center.


Hope you too find it useful.


Technology for Media Students

Slides used for a technical session at Commits College, Bangalore on 6th July 2011

Additional Reference links:-

  • A Day Without Media –
  • 15 Terrific TED Talks for New Media –
  • Nine top tips for Media Studies students  -

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VTU, Microsoft tie-up?

The curriculum which is being served to tomorrows engineers in most of the colleges is mostly outdated or its not up-to the mark to empower students for tomorrow’s on job challenges. They are forced to depend on the IT skills sold by private institutes. I have been through this already and I have understood that the real power of FOSS can empower students to be tomorrows innovators and then entrepreneurs while they give back lot more than just software to the community.

Our well known technical university is still living in the world of Monopoly. It has failed to look at the world of opportunities and technology with Open Mind. It goes ahead and have tie-ups with the giant proprietary software provider “Microsoft”. Hey do you know one thing, MySQL made billions of dolors and there are more examples today to prove that there is lot more than M$ in this world. Wake up!

VTU, Microsoft tie-up to develop curriculum

FOSS community has responded back when it realized that some one have peeped into their house by starting a Campaign against the same. Find more info here :


We got to create tomorrows engineers not by just feeding from the books and resources provided by software gaints. But by making our students think, what do we really require for our country and for our selves. By making them create free and open source software which can really give them the freedom to use it, develop and share it with all for FREE as in FREE SPEECH. Spend the money on infrastucture required to create the research environments for students and in turn create challenges which are “REAL TIME”. “Look beyond the Mirror” there is lot more out there….