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iDeaBox – Share Your Old Book Shelf

I was having a word with a trekking friend about book that I had bought. Suddenly he recalled that he gave off many books just a week back while shifting his house. What a loss. He then realized that I might have been the right person to read those book once again!

We might have been in this similar situation many times. Pavithra and Myself are planning to buy all language books from 1st Std to 10th Std to revise many topics to improve on GK and also to analyse what we really missed out during school days. Where did our books go? Similar case with Magazines. I always loved collecting magazines but due to lack of storage space, all of them were dumped into ruddi.

A idea just popped into my mind and I realized that we could put up a note somewhere online about such books/magazines etc. That might help someone else trying to find that book around us. There are many such services/websites/startups in other countries I see on Google.

Would you prefer something similar in Indian Language? Would you prefer sharing your books with someone else? What if they offer you a book or some money in return? What would encourage you to stop throwing your old magazines/books and make it available online instead. Please share your thoughts. I will post a prototype about how this could be done here in India through a simple online app (Web/Mobile).