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I.O.U.S.A: Sub Prime Permier

Sub Prime Permier Presentation which explains the current USA economical conditions. I have heard a lot about the documentary called I.O.U.S.A. It’s supposed to explain more about the money in USA. Let me see if I can get hold of it.
Book: Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

Book: Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

The book is about 25 IIM Alumni’s. Its divided into three categories: * The Believers * The Opportunists * The Alternate Vision These alumni’s are from IIM Ahmedabad. All started from nothing and today they are all running India’s biggest companies....

The Game of Business

An awesome business gyan delivered by CEO of DirectI, Bhavin… Presentation delivered by Bhavin CEO of DirectI @ conference in 2008. The Game of Business by Bhavin Turakhia