I got an E-Mail

Are you bothered about the source of the E-mail which you receive? No, most of us are not even bothered to check if the mail has come from a trusted source. Its not our fault, as we just need the messages to reach us and most of us busy in our daily chores and give less or no time to understand the need of security.

Email spoofing and phishing, how many of you have heard about these words? Yes, they hurt you badly and you may bleed too. Be very careful. Identity theft, robbery any thing can take place with you and your friends. Hope you don’t want to be so careless.

Just find the email which I have here in the picture below, it looks like HDFC bank alert. But no, it was found to be a spoofed email. When clicked on the link provided in the email, it was taking us to a different website altogether. It was quite easy to identify this fraud. I just had to move my mouse towards the link and see the URL in status bar of my email client.

Phishing spoofed

Be careful about such emails. Don’t give out any contact details, DOB, credit card details in response to any of the emails unless you confirm with the bank or any other recipient about the safety. Read the cautions put up on your banks websites and follow it strictly. Its one time effort for you to understand your banks security standards and they will keep you informed on any changes made to the same.

Play safe on the net, never hurt yourself. Use Linux if possible and keep your PC away from Virus or a spy ware.

Shoot your questions, queries and concerns. I shall help you to secure yourself.

Log in a blog

Hmm, I used to write my diary at least once in a week (Once upon a time). Its no fun doing so any more as many things which has happened in my life are known to others ;) yeah like an open book. There is much to share with world than hide something with in myself. Why not log it some where?


Does it take more efforts from you to log something online? Not at all, Its so easy and fun. You don’t even need a website like the one which I use. Just register yourself with blogspot or wordpress and start expressing yourself.
If you are a fan of Google’s documents, you are just one more step away to get your documents published at blogspot.com. Check the settings to publish the articles directly on your blogspot account.

For those who are having their own web space on a server, there are many options to get articles published. Install WordPress or b2evolution, configure to get the articles to be published via a pop account or just use xmlrpc to publish pages via Google’s documents.

Read some more tips here

Yes, its possible to make some money out of blogging ;) ask me how…

mac4lin Magick

mac4lin one of the finest Mac transformation pack which I have ever found on Internet.

Thanks to Anirudh, the author of this theme: Fetch the project from http://sourceforge.net/projects/mac4lin

Here is the screen shot of my desktop ;)


Job Fair, A hope

8th and 9th December 2007, Palace Grounds was found to be full of “eyes” searching for opportunities in various IT Companies of Silicon City and Abroad.

Naukri job fair provided a stage to those who wanted to hunt the talents as well as the desperate candidates searching the right place to show off their talent and grab a dream job. There were around 79 companies ready by 8 AM in the morning to help the 16000 candidates rushed in on the first day to knock the door of their future.

The job fair was well organized with more than 100 volunteers from Naukri, though there were some minor issues with the test centres, cafeteria arrangements and toilets on the first day…

I represented my company’s stall in order to find those who are interested in “OpenSource” and “System Administration” profiles. To my knowledge there are couple of more companies and consultants offering jobs to these profiles at the venue. It had taken a lot of effort for my team to setup the stall to look alike any other big companies as it was our first JobFair since our companies inception.

Hack the opportunity, the OpenSource way!!!” was on our banner to grab the attention of the job aspirants. We did find many candidates interested in Linux but many were found to be unaware of the same. Interesting thing is, there were very few experienced candidates searching for new job in this field. Does it mean there is a job security in this field?

The job fair gave us an opportunity to build little brand value for our company and also gave us an opportunity to share little knowledge about “Webhosting Industry”, “OpenSource”, “Linux” “Job Opportunities for System Administrators”. “Domain knowledge – grab it when you work with OpenSource” this was found to be one of the keys to open up new areas to Freshers.

Looking forward to those who really hacks in to our company, they are going to be Linux Tux’s for sure in few months :)

Our Stall  @ Naukri

Stall @ Naukri