Anweshane – In search of our identity

Radio Sparsha Channel 106 on WorldSpace satellite radio is one of my favorite Radio Channel. It brings an another unique program on air every sunday @ 9:00 AM. A program which awakens Kannadiga’s.  Don’t forget to listen to the program.

A show that’s sure to make every kannadiga from any part of the world sit up and listen.

Anweshane, the show true to its name takes a closer look at the psyche of the Kannadigas to discover why they are the way they are. So tune-in to Anweshane – in search of our identity with Nandini

More about the program from Sparsha webspace :

How or why does any Indian south of the Vindhyas voluntarily become a Madrasi? Why are there no questions raised when people take you to be a Karnatakan and not a Kannadiga?  Why are typical Kannada expressions like saaru and huli becoming outmoded by their replacements rasam and sambaar in the typical Kannada gourmet vocabulary?

Anweshane – In search of our Identity hosted by Professor Nandini Vaidyanathan throws light on all these and more. She dwells on why we do not assert our identity as Kannadigas in all our accomplishments or choose to be casual about being sidelined or elbowed out of opportunities. Nandini also introspects the apparent urgency in shedding the ‘bona fide Kannadiga’ skin and the slow erosion of a regional identity and pride.

Catch Anweshane – In search of our Identity with Nandini, every Sunday, at 9am IST.

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