Magic number with my blog


I have long stopped caring about the numbers of my blog visitors but accidentally got a chance to observe the map and a number on google analytics. Sure, the counter missed some numbers in the middle. What I liked is the number which popped up on screen! “102001”.

Twitter celebrates its 3rd birthday

Social and Microbloging site celebrates it’s 3rd birthday.It was founded in year 2006. I found many tweets wishing twitter a very happy birthday.


I have been tweeting a lot these days and found it very handy as well as mobile (many of my tweets coming via my Motorola MotoMing A1200). You can see my tweets on right hand-side menu of my blog.

Happy birthday Platonic…

Platonic is now 1 year old baby. It celebrates it birthday as I write all these posts today. It gave me a new dimension to my thoughts. It also worked as an outlet for my thinking and I was able to share lots of knowledge, happiness, joy and anger (at times) and ideas with many who have been following up. Today, it’s time for me to look back at my first few posts and see how silly and funny the posts used to be when I started blogging and recall all the experiences which made me continue writing and enjoy few minutes of my day.

Dear readers,

I request all of you to comment and share your experiences on platonic and also give me pointers to improve my posts, usability of my website etc.

Thank you for all your comments, feedback. Keep coming back….

Shiv a.k.a Techfiz

Messy thoughts while scoring 100

It’s a pleasure to be on this blogging journey and with this post I’m logging my 100th post!

I have been googling around on the net for years now but could not really start off with blogging and other online activities. I used to create some online pages for the team which I had created some time back in 2000 and had couple of blog spaces. All that I could put on them was nothing other than my programming lessons and few jokes. I found them funny and removed the blogs later on and could never get back to them for years.

Days went on and one fine day I was able to register my own domain name and even purchased my own virtual private server to host it. I did put up this site for sharing my knowledge. Added forum and support sections. I had started adding my fixes, tutorials, scripts etc. I guess all this happened in the year 2004. But I couldn’t bring all these sections online due to various reasons. Even today my forum is blocked for others as I want to revamp the way the website looks. Last December I started blogging again and you can find the reason in my first post. This time it was put as a subdomain on my own website. Earlier I had my blog on and Now this blog uses WordPress and its very pretty even for managing its content. Thanks to WordPress and its community for providing such a nice tool.

This blog’s name was chosen by my sir and my sincere thanks to him for coining the name for me right away. I want to shout out and say what I really feel and share what ever I could feel like sharing with the world.And this blog really helped me to start doing just that.

These five months have been really great for me as I did come out of my usual life and started writing about technical and even some non-technical subjects which really caught my attention. Even found many coming forward to help me with this journey. Friends helped me to correct my self with grammar, spellings, at times even made me think twice about the posts I wanted to put up. All that really helped me a lot in this journey and I could learn a lot. I would like to thank them all for  giving me lots of inputs to present my thoughts in really nice way. Thanks to hpn for providing professional touch on content now and then.

When I went for a bloggers meet couple of months back I even found people who had started blogging seriously since 90’s.  Blogs should not become some scribbling pad, they must have a theme so that it will act as a data bank for people who really need them. This was a cry in bloggers meet. I too support this. Information on the net should be organized and we the people who put data on the net should ensure that the data is made available for all and its easy to search as and when required.

I was really impressed by the way my Kannada blogging adda “Sampada” presented lots to the community for years now.Today my Kannada blog concentrates on teaching Linux in Kannada to my people here in Karnataka. I will make sure it gets updates from me regularly. And would love to hit an 100 in Sampada soon.

There is more you could see on Platonic in coming days to keep you engaged. Comment on my posts to let me know what makes it better!  Cheers…