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OpenSSH compromised on RHEL and Fedora?

Couple of weeks back few of Fedora servers have been compromised or there was a security breach. It has been confirmed by Fedora project leader via mailing list post. This security breach has compromised OpenSSH packages on Fedora distributions. The issue is being investigated by Fedora team.

Today here is an another update from Security Tracker:

OpenSSH for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Packages May Have Been Compromised

RedHat confirms that this compromise does not affect the content distributed via Red Hat Network.

Solution: Red Hat has issued a fix.

Red Hat has published a list of the tampered packages and how to detect them a

The Red Hat advisory is available at:

Fedora Sulphur Released

The Fedora Project is pleased to announce the release of Fedora 9 (Sulphur). To download Fedora, visit

The most interesting thing is kannada language pack which has been made available with this linux distribution. Prasad and his team has done a good job with it.

Spins, Jigdo are couple of more interesting things to check out. Spins makes it easier for user to get software package installed based on his user profile. Fedora releases are also available via Jigdo. This distribution method can improve the speed of obtaining the installation ISO images. Instead of waiting for torrent downloads to complete, Jigdo seeks the fastest mirrors it can find via the Fedora Project Mirror Manager infrastructure, and downloads the bits it needs from these mirrors. To optimize seeking these bits, you can tell Jigdo to scan a DVD or CD you already have, and cut down on redundant downloads.

Also find the fresh versions of your favorite softwares bundled. Hopefully this version will be better and stable than the previous releases.

Read more about this release here

Image source : Fedora Project