Unable to read Kannada on Kindle – Ask for Language Support, sign the petition

I’m unable to read Kannada books on Kindle. In Kindle Android app, I see the index rendering properly in Kannada but the actual content looks broken. (see the image). This is not something big for a multinational such as Amazon to fix. Urge them to fix these for all devices. Not only Amazon but other device manufacturers should work on it too. Let’s ask our government to make it a mandate. Sign the petition here.

Update: The petition is only for Kannada Support but also for all other Indic Languages on Electronic devices.

Kindle - Kannada issue

Language support in Debian/Ubuntu

If you want to view your Debian/Ubuntu desktop, you need to add the language support for your language via System -> Administration -> Language Support Menu option.

Once you’re in-front of language support window, do select the language which you want for yourself. Click on “Ok” to start with the installation process. If your installation is fresh, installation CD will be used as source for the packages required. Otherwise, ensure that your system is connected to Internet. Restart your system once the installation is over.

While you’re about to login to desktop again, do find the options button at left right corner of your desktop. Click on it and choose “Select Language” option. Choose the required language and click on “Ok”. Desktop will be restarted to provide you the Login interface in desired language. Once you’re in you can find that most of the options, menu items, dialog’s etc (Based on the amount of translation which has been completed for your language) will be displayed in the selected Language instead of English. Even the other applications in which Language translations has been completed will start displaying the above mentioned items in app’s in your own language.

You can find the installation progress and my desktop in the gallery. Try out today and enjoy!