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Force unity at startup for NVidia GeForce Go 7300/7400

Go 7300/7400 might have been black listed on as they found to have been hanging during the startup. Unity 3D can run with the “nvidia 173″ driver on these cards.

To force detection at startup, you can:

  • sudo nano /etc/environment
  • Save the file with Ctrl+S
  • reboot

Ensure you are choosing the “” session in gdm (default). This will bypass the detection and try to start unity 3D. This will help you run Unity on your machine.. Be warned about any slowness that you might feel while using it.

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Test Unity support on Natty Narwhal (Ubuntu 11.04)

Narwhal is out with brand new Unity integrated. Many of you might be struggling to get Unity working on your machines. Unity has restrictions to run on specific graphics cards. It is better to check whether your graphic card supports running Unity or now.

Use the simple command listed below to run the check.

/usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test -p

If your card is black listed, it will be reported so. Otherwise, you can use some alternative methods to run Unity.
Read on my further posts to learn about it.

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First look at Fedora11 Release

Fedora 11 is out with lot of new updates. Here is a first glance at things that I liked.
Fedora Complete Feature list is available here:


Cool Image isn’t it?


Here I’m inside LiveCD session


Firefox 3.5 beta4 is now available for better browsing experience


Kannada works out-of-box. No font installation required and Lohit Kannada font looks lot better now.


Firewall Management. You might have found it last release itself. Just for a reference


Input method? No installation required again..

IBus input method system – ibus has been rewritten in C and is the new default input method for Asian languages. It allows input methods to be added and removed dynamically during a desktop session. It supports Chinese (pinyin, libchewing, tables), Indic (m17n), Japanese (anthy), Korean (libhangul), and more. There are still some features missing compared to scim so testing is strongly encouraged and reports of problems and suggestions for improvements welcome.


Configure Input method and you will be ready to start typing in any language


You can see that I have configured KGP and KN_ITRANS input methods for Kannada. You get this menu once you press Ctrl+Space (You can customize this to meet your requirements, check the previous image)


There I go, I started typing in Kannada in just few seconds

Few other features to note:

Automatic font and mime-type installation, Volume Control integrated with Pulse-Audio for better experience, Intel, ATI and Nvidia kernel modsetting for speeding up graphical boot, Fingerprint device support enhanced, Presto for fast OS/Software upgrades via yum, ext4 filesystem, Virt Improved Console, MinGW (Windows cross compiler) for cross platform developers to build windows apps without having to use Windows.

Good Job Fedora!

Ubuntu 9.04 Alpha 4 rolled out with nVidia drivers

Hurray! nVidia drivers is what I was missing on my laptop’s Ubuntu 9.04 installation. It has been rolled out few hours back and it will be available on my laptop in few more minutes. Read more info about Alpha 4 release with a screen shot tour @ softpedia which broke the news on my lappy.

Ubuntu 9.04 Alpha 4 Screenshot Tour on softpedia tells the chronicals of “The Jaunty Jackalope“.

Nvidia G72M [GeForce Go 7400] works on Ubuntu Jaunty(9.04) Alpha

I found that they released nouveau (Experimental) drivers for Ubuntu Jaunty Alpha Release. Installed it and enabled it in xorg.conf to make my Nvidia G72M [GeForce Go 7400] card work beautifully.

xserver-xorg-video-nouveau   – X.Org X server — Nouveau display driver (experimental)

In place of Nvidia proprietary driver nvidia, I need to enable nouveau in xorg.conf as follows:

Driver “nouveau”

Need to check how to make “Desktop Effects” work now… Digging through details after my exams tomorrow.