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Vachana’s in a New Style by Vachana band

Vachana Band composed and directed by Mr. S. R Ramakrishna performed yesterday at ADA Rangamandira and it was a delight for the Deepawali. 12th Century Spiritual Poerty by Basava, Akka Mahadevi and Allama Prabhu set to Folksy, Contemporary tunes. People applauded to hear vachana’s in a new way. Program was sponsored by CitiBuzz  newspaper. Find more captures […]

Event Pics: Mansore’s Janapriyarallada Janapriyaru

SanteyoLagina anaamikaru – Place specific peoples art work exhibition by Mansore event pics…

Its not an ad...

It’s not an ad..


Mansore aka Manjunath S with his art work on Pedestrians over bridge on Kempegowda over bridge


Another art work..”Favorite of this project”, says Mansore


Find him some where near by…


Hey, don’t you know me?


“Janapriyarallada Janapriyaru” – People who are not well known but known to many…

Few words by Mansore on this occasion..

Kannada Blog post:

Kannada Wikipaedia?

Deccanherald published this following article on its website on 5th December.

I guess it was supposed to be  “Wikipedia” instead. On contrary, Kannada wikipedia  has been live from more than 5 years on the net at and computer savvy kannadiga’s have already been contributing a large amount of articles(there are more than 5000 articles already) voluntarily. Then what is this all about?

Looks like Deccanherald didn’t do the complete homework before publishing the news.

Real Story

* Karnataka government launched a “Wikipedia” like project called “Kanaja (” at the cost of 2 crore rupees of tax money collect from public.

* First of all does not resemble a wiki.

* is a plain HTML static pages archive as of now.

* Many links are not yet up even when it has been grandly launched by Cheif Minister of Karnataka

* There is no need for developing a new software for building such project for public interest.Mediawiki, a Free and Open Source software is already powering Worlds largest wiki project Wikipedia even contains a language wiki for Kannada. On top of all this, its time tested. So, why reinvent the wheel?

* Hosted on a Windows server (you can find it easily if you click on broken links on the website). Do we really need to pay for licensing softwares when there is an OpenSource solution available? Why not use Gnu/Linux server which is secure, stable, scalable than windows server.

I really wonder if there is any tech savvy member in Karnataka Government who can question this project “after” collecting all relevant technical aspects involved in this project. Is there any one out there on net who knows whats going on with Kanaja?

Bhuvan – Still a Gagana Kusum


Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is out with its first Indian Earth Observation Visualization tool at – . So far we all used to depend on google maps and google earth applications to get maps and 3D visualization. Reports say that more than 60000 people registered as soon as this project was launched for its beta testing. But many of us were totally discouraged to usethe application as it was vendor locked by forcing Internet community to stick to Internet explorer, DirectX and other proprietary applications. Internet users such as myself have been using firefox, opera and other browsers where in we can’t see whats really Bhuvan has got for us. Looks like it is totally an ignorance of who ever is responsible to deliver such application. An OS independent application is what is needed when entire web is moving towards web3.0 for better user experience and advancements. A small survey of web users would have been resulted in a good design and solution. Hope ISRO learns this very fast during Bhuvan’s beta testing and come out with the right solution that is needed soon.

Further Readings:-

Deccan Herald report by Deepa Kurup and Divya Gandi has got more info about this – Bouquets and brickbats for Bhuvan mapping portal

Short and drowsy weekend with Delhi6

After a long tiring week, I got a chance to sleep for long 14 hours which even ended up eating my one day week-off. Electricity board tried it’s best to keep me away from my gadgets. Anyways I was back online through GPRS on my phone, started tweeting for a while and then I saw Delhi 6.

I heard its a flop movie from few of my friends. Though, I wanted to watch this movie due to couple of songs which I watched on TV. They were indeed pictured pretty well. First half of the movie was totally dull and oscitant. They were just trying to tell how few NRI’s want to get back to their cities here in India and what they will have to face etc.. Once they land here, they have tried to show how India (In movie Delhi 6) and it’s people behave. Nothing special that we could see here. I kept watching the movie as it gained some momentum due to Black Monkey (Looks like they have nothing else other than this monkey from t he beginning of the movie). Hindu Muslim controversy, how Abhishek tries to be Monkey to save his heroin from a freak and why people end up beating him to death, how he gets to talk to his grand pa living in heaven at last how he is survives, all these puts an ends to the story. Ramayana has been used to links the families living in Delhi 6, Monkey and others. Few dialogues brings in smiles other wise, entire movie is dry… Here is one of the songs which I liked very much in this movie.

I’m bit sad now as I need more rest and can’t imagine working again for long hours from tomorrow morning. Long list of to-do’s and scheduled work huh!

Slumdog Millionaire crowned at Golden Globe

It grabs 4 awards in a single day. I’m bit late in blogging this new update but this movie is on my must watch list. Planning to catch a glimpse soon after my exams. A.R Rahman is the first Indian to grab Golden Globe award. This movie is now trying to test its luck at Oscar! All the best to the entire team and Congratulations on its biggest success.

The movie is all about a slum boy in Mumbai who wins Million dollor. Watch it once to see the real slum life of Mumbai slum children.

Movies thundered my mind in new year


Take Down – Movie based on Kevin Mitnick, America’s Most Wanted Computer Outlaw’s capture.

Book: Takedown: The Pursuit and Capture of Kevin Mitnick, America’s Most Wanted Computer Outlaw-By the Man Who Did It. by Tsutomu Shimomura (Author), John Markoff (Author)

Kevin Mitnick, “America’s Most Wanted Computer Outlaw,” eluded the police, US Marshalls, and FBI for over two years after vanishing while on probation for his 1989 conviction for computer and access device fraud. His downfall was his Christmas 1994 break-in to Tsutomu Shimomura’s computers in San Diego, California. Less than two months later, Tsutomu had tracked him down after a cross-country electronic pursuit. Mitnick was arrested by the FBI in Raleigh, North Carolina, on February 15th, 1995. Continue reading from and then buy a book and a movie;)

Are you a wanna be hacker? ;) You will love to watch this movie.


Ghajani – Hindi version.

Its a remake of its Tamil film, Ghajini (2005).

One of the master pieces by Aamir Khan. You can call him a perfectionist. Because, he tries to put in all required efforts to make something different. The efforts which he have put in to build his body to what you’re seeing in the poster all over country is enormous. He is surely going ahead of King Khan in race…

Its a must watch. Don’t miss it. Story? I’m not revealing it…