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Trousered ape on Mumbai Terror

Trousered ape on Mumbai Terror:

The ” Mumbai Terror” is according to me is the last nail in the coffin as far as our patience goes. We have had enough of this. Shobha De speaking on NDTV got it spot on when she said that the Political Sytem is currently incapable to handle this terror attacks. Our borders are so insecure that it is pretty easy for anybody to do this. When I travel abroad, I am asked by the immigration as to the purpose of my visit. In the case of the slightest doubt on the indentity of the person entering the country they are taken for further enquiries. But When I enter India, The officials barely look at my face and mechanically stamp my passport. The innocent lives lost over the last three days is a testimony to the fact that we have failed as a nation to protect our people. Since 9/11 in the USA , there has hardly been any attact. That is a way a true democracy works. One needs to learn the lessons quickly. If we need to survive as a nation giving true freedom to our citizens , we have to act tough. This is my first cut reaction. I will write more tomorrow. I am too emotional right now……

Mumbai Terror Sanitized by Brave Indians

NSG team of India successfully completes its “Operation Cyclone”. The brave Indian soilders have gunned down those who have got into various locations of Mumbai for almost 50+ hours. We have lost few breave hearts and the nation if mourning for the loss.

NSG commando Sandip Unnikrishna, Mumbai Police Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) chief Hemant Karkare, Indian Police Service (IPS) officers Ashok Kamte and Sadanand Date, Mumbai Police ‘encounter specialist’ Vijay Salaskar are few to be named while we  recall the sacrifises.

Image source: NDTV

It has been once again proved that united that we stand to fight against such devastating act. Looking forward and urging for strict and quick action from government against terrisom. People are voicing across the nation and across the border against Mumbai attack. What we have learnt from here should lead us to safe and secure India.

Who is responsible? Almost all news channels and papers are pointing at LeT and Pak.

What shall we do if its proved? I say gun them down too. Enough is Enough…

Chaos! Terror strike across Mumbai

I just came home and found that there is hell out there created across Mumbai. As per the current updates 25 people are dead and many are injured and blasts that we could hear even while people catch the guy who could escape from the hotel Oberoi.

It’s a devilish act and I condemn the same. There is no humanitarian brains out there indulging themselves in such activity. Attacking foreigners won’t get you good name. Stop shooting and firing the bombs. No religion talks and teaches the terror.

I pray for all those who have been held back from the terrorists in those hotel.

Another devilish act in capital city “Delhi”: TERROR

As per reports 20 died already in 5 different blasts. Some one on this earth have really gone nuts!. It would have been better if the world would have ended when they started finding out the beginning of the universe.  I was not expecting this to happen in the holy month of “Ramzan” atleast. I guess god will hate himself to let such people take birth on this earth causing all this pain.

Image source : Times Now

Jaipur Blasts – An inhumane act

Hey! will you please stop this crap?

Image source : NDTV

People are getting killed around temples, market places, tourist spots. Whom you’re really targeting to? What is the message that you want to give to the world. Is this is right to be monsters?

Think twice it could be one of “your own” who might have got killed in these blasts. Don’t be so inhumane.