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Google tools on Ubuntu/Debian

Hey, have you ever tried installing google applications on Ubuntu/Debian?

Yes, Picasa and Google Earth. We can have it running in Linux. If you haven’t tried installing them here is a simple to-do. Just follow and have fun!

First : Add the Google repository to apt sources list.You can find it here.


Second : Add the following lines to the end of sources.list

# Google testing repository
deb testing non-free

Third : Update apt-get repo cache by running this command at console.

# sudo apt-get update


# sudo aptitude update

Four : Install picasa or Google Earth

Run aptitude install

For picasa

# sudo aptitude install picasa

For Google Earth

# sudo aptitude install googleearth

You’re done with it, start using Picasa and Earth. You will surely start loving your Ubuntu installation much more.