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Wave at Google Wave

Yes, I have started using Google Wave….

Are you still wondering what it is? Check this video..

Hey, you need an invite.. I have few more left with myself. Ping me to get one :)

Don’t forget to check these websites:

Join me on Google Wave…

Happy Deepawali!

Google Morocco hacked


PAKbugs attacked google morocco website pointing users to above page. Techcrunch post on this issue says that the hack might have happened through DNS server security hole.

It took hours for google to point the users back to correct page. Meanwhile thousands of bloggers uploaded snapshots of this hack all over the internet.

gOS – Test Drive

I’m on gOS test drive to see if I can find an OS which does not require much customizations on my laptop. You will fall in love with gOS if you’re addicted to google applications. More updates in coming posts.

PS: gOS is nowhere linked to Google Inc. and its partners

Preliminary investigations says that gOS still requires some customizations which I require….