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Debian “Chiguru” distributed at Gnu/Linux Habba v3

Debian Chiguru

Tech Sampada team distributed a Debian based Gnu/Linux distribution at Gnu/Linux Habba v3 event @ NMAMIT, Nitte near Mangalore on 7th February, 2009. Team has got a long term goals to make this distribution stable Kannada release which enables Kannadiga’s to use their native language (Kannada) during computing, without much hinderence.

At the moment distributed distro contains Live + Installer options on it. Live cd option can be used to test and then install the distribution on computers using installer options. More than 20 people tested, installed and used distribution during Habba. We also helped many students to install Gnu/Linux on VirtualBox as they were found to be bit frantic.

Special Note: Team managed to deploy 26GB Debian repo on a server @ NMAM Institute of Technology, Nitte to provide Gnu/Linux resources to students. Special thanks to our Debian guru Ravi (CrazyGene) for all his contribution.

Watch out more news on further releases and download infor on

Time passes by

It has been quite some time that I bloged regularly. Busy with my new batch of trainees and have been teaching them Gnu/Linux. My passion for Gnu/Linux took me along with few of my comrades from Sampada community and we continued our journey with our unique Gnu/Linux install fest called “Gnu/Linux Habba” v3 @ NMAMIT, Nitte during the weekend. Had a real good time sharing knowledge with students, faculty crew and other interesting enthusiasts who came in there to join their hands with us in our work. Team of volunteers from the college were really helpful in getting many things done and it was really good to work with them. Thanks once again to all of them! My visits to Vidhyavana and Sheshavana opened windows to nature while Dr. Aravinda aithal spoke to us about it and its beauty. The Sunday spent with Mr. Addoor is an unforgettable event.

All this raises the bar up once again and see if I can do more than what I have planned to. I shall write about all this in detail once I’m done with my work.

Till then, have a great day….

Gnu/Linux Habba – v3 @ NMAMIT,Nitte

Sampada team is back on track with Gnu/Linux Habba. We will be at NMAMIT, Nitte on February 7th, 2009.  We have started the event preparations. Join your hands with us!

Event update:


Event website and blog:


Date: February 7th, 2009.

Gnu/Linux Habba Mysore – Completed Successfully

Thanks to all who supported and have  been with us yesterday at “Manasa Gangothri” University Of Mysore.

It was great to see all Gnu/Linux enthusiasts and newbies (I guess more than 150 people) gathering together to check out whats there in Gnu/Linux and what all we could do with it. Kannada on Linux, Blogging, Chatting, Scientific tools, educational tools, Gameing on Linux, Turning out old dumb machines to powerful home theaters and many other stuff that you could have never done before as a beginner who is exploring the options with Operating Systems.

We all wished “Gnu/Linux” which turned out to be 25 years old a very “happy birthday” and celebrated “Software Freedom Day” in the cultural city Mysore at the same time.

Participants were given couple of Cd’s containing Gnu/Linux Operating System and an Apt-On cache that they can install many softwares that were demonstrated in the event easily. You can find the CD covers below.

CD 1 – Linux Mint

CD 2 – Apt-On CD that contained a lot!

I’m still in process of uploading the event Photos, check back in the evening for more…

Its a grate beginning for those who just started to know what is Gnu/Linux. Lets expands our help to all those who might turn out with lots of doubts and questions.

Kudos to all Volunteers who helped the event to be successful.