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Weekend freedom

Me and my friends wanted to spend some time outside the city and we decided to visit Mahadevapura bird sanctuary in Mandya district. Its a very small village with a 600 year old Shiva’s temple which is displayed in the below. A quite reservoir where in you get to see lots of bird and you can also see “Kaveri” river flowing quitely near the village. Most of the village population found to be busy in their farms. Childern were found near the river enjoying the afternoon. It was a bright sunny day.

By afternoon we were too hungry, after visiting the temple we decided to visit “Sriranga pattaNa” but we ended up landing in Mysore. Had nice lunch and finalized our plan to visit Chamundeshwari hills. You can see the gopura of chamudeshwari temple.

I learnt lots of driving tricks from my friend during this trip. Gained some confidence too on highways. It was all fun and adventure. By the end of the day I was so tired but had to drive back home on my own for 2 hours with in the city limits. Felt so releaved once I hit the sack.

Hard work is on

Sun set in Mysore