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Worst weekend @ Pizza hut

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Pizza-hut was one of my favorite place for pizza’s. But today I got to think twice before entering into pizza huts. I ended up tasting rotten O’ Tomato and Grill O’ Delight to finish with my Weekend. I didn’t regret going to pizza hut last December and did enjoy the time spent with my bunch of collegues and even celebrated a birth day.But this time it was yak!. And nothing was a Delight at all at Pizza hut for the first time.

Once in a month or two I get chance to go out and have some food at good restaurant’s or pizza huts or at least spend some time in a coffee bar. Wish I had two week off’s like all other techies out there in the IT world. I would have also found a girl to date with ;) .

It used to be a great fun and my tummy used to feel enlightened almost ever weekend till last year as I used to spend my Sunday afternoons with Bala sir in a nice restaurant.

These days bad traffic and the quality of restaurants force us find alternatives and we even end up paying hell a lot of money. We also end up wasting lots of our free time during the weekends (If at all we get some free time). No peace any where.

Hopefully I will have a better week ahead of me at work.

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