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Chromium – Brings Chrome to Linux and Mac

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Hmm, early in the morning I went on hunting hints for running Chrome on Linux and put up and article. Once everything was done, Google search did point me to Chromium. Oh yes! Chrome which can run on Linux/Mac. Cool!, I need not take all the trouble of editing Icon file etc to get this browser work.

Code Weavers bundled all that you need to run Chrome on a CrossOver platform and called it “Chromium“. Visit the Chromium link and download it today. It just like installing any other package on to your Linux box. You have got rpm, deb. And they also give you a link to install it for all different distros here. Its all fun, rad the complete page before using it.

I even went ahead and read few more pages to find that the source code is also out and I can even try compiling my own version of Chromium on my Linux box.

Chromium Developer Documentation – This link takes you to developer documentation page.


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