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Online visibility test

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I have been  through a real tough time without broadband connection at home for almost 85days. Suffered major losses and sleepless night’s. With my GPRS connection I could just complete some high priority tasks which were on my to-do lists. My blog almost got drained up without much posts this month, though I had loads to write on it. I blame BSNL for sharing such a nasty experience with its customer service. My twitter tweets had some time to time updates on how I really lost my temper with these guys. So not repeating them all here again. Issues still remain with BSNL though they restored my service this morning. I don’t know how much more have to bug them to get the bugs fixed.

Thanks to Airtel GPRS for keeping me online and for allowing me to get my work done even at its low speed. (I had to call nobody for any reason wow!)

Here is my current BSNL speed test results. I shall keep posting my experiences with ISPs regularly.

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