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We were bit worried to be late for the flower show as it becomes too much crowded and we never enjoy even walking around the flower monuments created at Lalbagh.

From year to year and show to show, authorities have been making big changes to flower show. Good and bad both are the ultimate outcomes.

To say a few good things, avoiding zig-zag traversals of visitors, now there is a single lane to get in and get out. If you want an another side view, please go out and get back in from the other end. It really saved me today and I think this system was introduced in August 2012 for the first time.

Secondly and the most happiest thing to be seen at Lalbagh during flower show – NO EATABLES and SHOPS selling food and NO MESS in the garden. It was really surprising but a much needed one. We always felt bad to get back to Lalbagh after the last day of any such events. Less number of stalls and easy and smooth sailing comes at a Cost. The entry ticket costed 40 Rs. 10 Rs more compared to last years fare. That doesn’t include parking though.

Those who are visiting from far away places, had to park the vehicles in JC Road. – Good again. There was not much traffic in roads except few days. But surely many might have cribbed to get back to Lalbagh from parking place. There is no easy way back except Nataraja service.

The most and worst thing that happened to Lalbagh because of this Flower show is the empty barren land created by authorities to create a large scale parking lot right in side the park. What a shame and an idiotic decision to cut down trees inside our historic garden of Bangalore. The work has stalled due to PIL filed. Hoping to see a green patch there again soon. Find more pictures from flower show on my Flickr Stream.