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One Saturday at Siddarabetta

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Did i tell you about our last week’s visit to Siddarabetta (Sidda = saint, Betta = Mountain)? Nope, I didn’t. Few of you might have received my picasa album link but there was no much detail or comments on the same.

It was an incomplete journey to Siddarabetta. This place is around 95+ km’s away from Bangalore and 35Kms away from Tumkur. A very nice place with a hill temple of a rocky mountain and caves. If you’re looking for a good trekking experience, visit Siddarabetta. Still can’t compare this with Savana Durga. Thousands of people visit this pilgrimage every year. “Lord Shiva” is worshiped here.

As nature lovers enjoy the scenery around this place and they might get more exited about cave exploration (we didn’t get inside and yes our journey was incomplete) but, this place has got no maintenance.  You can see a small gutter created by the pilgrim’s as they take bath with the “Sacred Water”. You can see that most of the rocks are painted. Why was that so necessary? They would have put some boards for sure..I don’t know what is the condition of the cave etc.. There seem to be a Kalyani and we could even see few saints living here for years etc inside. I really want to get back to this place when time permits and explore even the backside of this hill.

I went there with my Sampada friends HPN, Anil Ramesh, Chamraj Savadi to spend some time away from work and we all got a chance to meet our Tumkur friends Mallikarjun Hosapalya and Bhushan Midigeshi.We all talk above various things, enjoyed eating Mango’s (Anil and Myself got some ripe Mango’s bitten by Parrot.. read my earlier post on this), purchased some sweets, books etc. I can write a big list of topics that we choose to talk about during this trip :) .

It was really a nice weekend spent before I started off with this hectic week. Thank god its above to end as I write this blog post. I guess I was still driving back in Vijayanagar at this hour after dropping HPN back home.

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