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Monkey Man of Karnataka

People call him Kothi Rama (ಕೋತಿ ರಾಮ). He climbs the walls of Chitradurga rock fort and mountains like any other monkey. Check this video to believe my words.


There have been lots of documentaries telecasted by T.V channels about Jyoti Rama.  If you have got any links and videos of those documentaries, please do share. Its a joy to watch this guy climbing the rocks and walls. He even trains youngsters to climb rocks and walls. I shall update this blog space as and when I get more info.

Book: Cycle Savaariya Savaal

Muralil H.R writes a book on challenges that we face while riding a cycle and cycle_sawalhe also explains more about cycle, its history etc. “Cycle Savaariya Savaal (ಸೈಕಲ್ ಸವಾರಿಯ ಸವಾಲ್)” is written in kannada to educate school children about riding on a cycle. Book was released during Mysore Dasara in collaboration with Dasara Cycle Committee, Government of Karnataka and Ride a Cycle foundation.

You can Read/Download the book from here:

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Free Software Birthday Wish ;)

I had sent this funny birthday wish to one of my new friend some time back. I thought it’s worth putting up on my blog…

Flying commands,
multi color consoles,
delicate confusing questions,
fantastic scripts,
daemons, errors and
more warnings…
Full of GNU hurds and LINUX penguins
bringing you Birthday Wishes

Happy SysAdmin day!


I couldn’t do much other than just tweeting about SysAdmin day early this morning. So here is this post. Just to keep note of the day which reminds me of type of services that I could offer to any one who owns a comp @ home/office or any where on this earth. On top of it all my work being appreciated at least for a day in an year.

Read more about this day @

Nice to see lot of people spreading word about this day at facebook, twitter etc.

Happy SysAdmin day guys!




Taken in Chitradurga..

Thanks to Anil Ramesh for taking an another round of that circle in his car otherwise it wouldn’t have been possible to capture this moment…

This image made me recall a very old Kannada poem which we used to sing in School days..