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We talk about technology and talk big about bringing that nearer to common man. How much successful we are? Piracy is one of the biggest problem which we keep discussing all the time. Are we really fighting against piracy? We also know that there is a community which works for nothing to bring good things for Society and does help us to stop using pirated softwares on our machines. How many of us share info about it with others?

Linux, Free and OpenSource software who doesn’t know about these words these days. But how many really think of going and adopting a technology which might turn out to be a headache?. Just a sec., Headache? Linux? OpenSource? Hey, come on you have better things in this free world and there are enough freedoms for you to choose what you want also you can decide what you want to do with it once you have it in your hands.

Not many encourage use of Linux and there are not many people who can show off what can be done with Linux and how it is far better than other proprietary operating systems. Even many of the governments doesn’t have ‘CS’ factor to analyze what is good and what is not for the society and end up using our tax money to purchase insecure solutions from corporates.

When you think at the root level, many people in our country can’t even understand “What is technology?”. The knowledge is not reachable, this might be the main reason behind this. Most of the books related to many technologies are available in “English” and it does take a good amount of time for any one to learn English and then start reading about technologies. I have been reading Poornachandra Thejaswi’s scientific books from few months now and I did learn how much it is important to teach our people about the technology and advancements. That too in their own language.

Yesterday I started writing about “Linux” in Kannada on my blog space at Sampada. It is a series of write ups on Linux and it’s usage for every one in ‘Kannada’. My small effort to spread knowledge to my own community. The series is called as “LinuxaayaNa“.

Knowledge is Power! Share it

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