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Running PHP 4.4.7 with Plesk 8.3.0

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Its really hard to compiling php on plesk servers, that too for newbies. I have been searching for PHP 4.4.7 source rpm or ready solution or a script so that I can quickly give it to my team to resolve such requests coming from our customers.

By chance I found it on Hans Rackers DazeWorld blog space.This php-4.4.7 source rpm is found to be magic.

Remove all the existing php rpms which are on your box. Don’t worry you just have to take the backup of /etc/php.ini. Ignore all dependencies no worries.

Once you’re done with it, download and build the source rpm as follows.

rpmbuild –rebuild php-4.4.7-1.hrak.src.rpm

This will compile php for your box and build the rpms required. You will find all the rpms required for your system in /usr/src/redhati386 folder.

Go ahead and install them all :-)

rpm -ivh /usr/src/redhat/i386/php-*.rpm

restart apache and psa from /etc/init.d . Your plesk box will have latest PHP 4.4.7

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