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Free software community is celebrating its 25th birthday and boycotting software patents throughout the world. Free Software respects users freedom to use, study, alter and redistribute softwares. Brian Brazil and Paul O’Malley plus contributors have added an Gnu/Linux distribution which is completely free (Free as in Freedom) called gNewSense. You can use this distribution without any restrictive licenses, share it with any one you like, and even join your hands with the community to build and improve this distribution.

gNewSense has a rich graphical user interface, a full office suite, plus web browsers, email management, instant messaging, calendaring and for developers — the full GNU developer toolchain, GNU Emacs, a variety of compilers, debuggers and more.

gNewSense is based on Ubuntu Hardy Heron but all the non-free softwares found on the main distro has been wiped off to protect the freedom of the users.

gNewSense screen shots :

Uspalsh screen

gNewSense Desktop

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