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iptables: Memory allocation problem

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Unable to block ips using iptables on your VPS? Is your APF installation failing to work?

root@server [~]# iptables -I INPUT -s -j DROP
iptables: Memory allocation problem


If you’re using OpenVZ for virtualization, you might have exceeded the limit of ‘numiptent’ parameter value. You may check if there are non-zero failcounts for the ‘numiptent’ parameter inside VPS:

# egrep "failcnt|numiptent" /proc/user_beancounters

If you’re an admin with the access to hardware node, increase a bit parameter value using following command. (Following command won’t work inside the VPS node)
#vzctl set VPS_ID --save --numiptent NEW_BARRIER:NEW_LIMIT
This should resolve the issue.

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