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Speed up website: Set HTTP Expires header

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When I see my website loading very slow, I get irritated as I want that to load fast on any type of Internet connection. Because, I’m trying to reach out to all…

Step by Step take action on website optimization and speed up your website. All it takes is the hacking mentality which lets you digg out lots of things from the world of Internet.

One simple way to improve the performance of your website is to set up HTTP Expires headers for static content well into the future. For example,Images, CSS files, PDF’s. This forces your clients browser to cache them and make your website load fast.

If your website is running on Apache web server, put the following lines of code into .htaccess or Apache configuration file and you’re done with it. It works if you have mod_expires module enabled in your web server.

ExpiresActive On

Header set Expires “Thu, 15 Apr 2010 20:00:00 GMT”

Here is an another interesting website which I found on the net while studying about mod_expires.

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