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The curriculum which is being served to tomorrows engineers in most of the colleges is mostly outdated or its not up-to the mark to empower students for tomorrow’s on job challenges. They are forced to depend on the IT skills sold by private institutes. I have been through this already and I have understood that the real power of FOSS can empower students to be tomorrows innovators and then entrepreneurs while they give back lot more than just software to the community.

Our well known technical university is still living in the world of Monopoly. It has failed to look at the world of opportunities and technology with Open Mind. It goes ahead and have tie-ups with the giant proprietary software provider “Microsoft”. Hey do you know one thing, MySQL made billions of dolors and there are more examples today to prove that there is lot more than M$ in this world. Wake up!

VTU, Microsoft tie-up to develop curriculum

FOSS community has responded back when it realized that some one have peeped into their house by starting a Campaign against the same. Find more info here :


We got to create tomorrows engineers not by just feeding from the books and resources provided by software gaints. But by making our students think, what do we really require for our country and for our selves. By making them create free and open source software which can really give them the freedom to use it, develop and share it with all for FREE as in FREE SPEECH. Spend the money on infrastucture required to create the research environments for students and in turn create challenges which are “REAL TIME”. “Look beyond the Mirror” there is lot more out there….