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Enabling root access for Kubuntu

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While we tried adding our desktops to NIS + NFS servers, we needed an account on local system which will enable us to make further modifications to configuration during network failure. Hence we needed root access for Kubuntu systems.

By default root access is disabled on Ubuntu and its variants. Also note one more thing here, while we mount /home from NFS (Network File System) Kubuntu’s first users home directory will be missing. This will disable the account automatically unless you move the home directory somewhere else. This is an another option for the above setup in case you don’t like enabling root access.

Here is how you enable root access for KDE environment of Kubuntu :

  • STEP 1. sudo gedit /etc/kde3/kdm/kdmrc
  • STEP 2. click the find button, enter “AllowRootLogin”
  • STEP 3. change the value to “true”
  • STEP 4. save, logout, log back in as ROOT!

If you still fail to login as root, click on start menu, select “System Settings” -> “User Management” -> Check the check box” Show system accounts” -> Select root -> Enable the account -> Also set the password .

The above instruction will work for KDE 3.x. For KDE 4 you need to find kdmrc inside /etc/kde4 directory.

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