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Enabling root access to Gnome under Debian/Ubuntu

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Some of us find it easy to work as root access instead of sudo. To permanently enable root access to your Debian/Gnome desktops edit the /etc/gdm/gdm.conf file. In [seurity] section Allow root by setting the value to True. Once you’re done with it, you need to reboot or just restart the gdm for the change to take effect.

Here is the sample configuration: (You can also find remote root access settings)

# Allow root to login.  It makes sense to turn this off for kiosk use,
# when you want to minimize the possibility of break in.

# Allow login as root via XDMCP.  This value will be overridden and
# set to false if the /etc/default/login file exists and contains
# “CONSOLE=/dev/login”, and set to true if the /etc/default/login
# file exists and contains any other value or no value for CONSOLE.

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