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I had dedicated few days of past few weeks for Debian in search of stable, secure and reliable solutions.  With Debian, I ended up finding robust solutions for lots of questions which we had while setting up LAN resources.

Debian net install CD which weighed around 160MB was more than enough to get started. I could setup RAID1 for disks to ensure quick and easy data recovery incase of disk failures. Installed Apache, PHP, Mysql for Intranet, NIS for centralized network authentication, NFS for network mounts and centralized home directories for users, Quota to ensure we don’t run out of disk space etc. It was fast and yet stable. I could find the solutions for various issues which I faced during the installation very quickly (there were very few issues though). Extensive documentation found on the internet made it easy for me and my collegues to get on with complex configurations. We could easily integrate debian into our heterogenious OS environment and network.

I will be adding articles related to Debian to my blog in coming days. That  should make it much more easier for you all to find solutions for your questions. Do comment and let me know if you have any unanswered questions with debian. I would be happy to dig deep into those issues and update you.

Debian – apt-on to get it

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