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UVCVideo and Cheese on Ubuntu 8.10

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Something made me look into the new version of uvcvideo today. I’m not able to recall the exact link which reffered me to look into it. Might be some email update which stated that uvcvideo now supports more than 100 Cameras.

But, I have been facing some issues with the Cheese application on my Ubuntu installation which was upgraded from 8.04 to 8.10. My camera had stopped working with the above mentioned application. I also found that there was a bug filed already with Ubuntu team and they are working on the issue to get it sorted out.

I couldn’t wait for them to resolve the issue, hence I downloaded a fresh version of uvcvideo, manually compiled and installed it and thats it. My camera as well as Cheese application both started working.

Download your copy of uvcvideo today from here.

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