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After a long tiring week, I got a chance to sleep for long 14 hours which even ended up eating my one day week-off. Electricity board tried it’s best to keep me away from my gadgets. Anyways I was back online through GPRS on my phone, started tweeting for a while and then I saw Delhi 6.

I heard its a flop movie from few of my friends. Though, I wanted to watch this movie due to couple of songs which I watched on TV. They were indeed pictured pretty well. First half of the movie was totally dull and oscitant. They were just trying to tell how few NRI’s want to get back to their cities here in India and what they will have to face etc.. Once they land here, they have tried to show how India (In movie Delhi 6) and it’s people behave. Nothing special that we could see here. I kept watching the movie as it gained some momentum due to Black Monkey (Looks like they have nothing else other than this monkey from t he beginning of the movie). Hindu Muslim controversy, how Abhishek tries to be Monkey to save his heroin from a freak and why people end up beating him to death, how he gets to talk to his grand pa living in heaven at last how he is survives, all these puts an ends to the story. Ramayana has been used to links the families living in Delhi 6, Monkey and others. Few dialogues brings in smiles other wise, entire movie is dry… Here is one of the songs which I liked very much in this movie.

I’m bit sad now as I need more rest and can’t imagine working again for long hours from tomorrow morning. Long list of to-do’s and scheduled work huh!