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Unexpected great loss

Yesterday it was an another shocking day for Kannadiga’s when they heard about the death of Saahasa Simha Dr. Vishnuvardhan. An another great actor ends his journey of life and fills in sorrow in the hearts of his fans across Karnataka.

Though I was bit hesitant to be on road, went out to see if I could get a glimpse of the star hero. While driving towards Basavanagudi, I was humming many of his movie songs being played on various FM channels. Recalled my childhood days where in I used to watch “ChitrageethegaLu (Flim Songs)” on every Friday evenings at 7pm on DD-1 Chandana and used to wait for songs from “Nagarahavu“, Bandana, Muttina haara and few other favorites of Vishnu.I have many of his movies on TV long long ago but still those dialogues etc ring in my ears and in last two years have seen some of his new movies in theater (Mathad Mathad Mallige is one which I liked much recently).

From the Movie Nagarahaavu, Directed by Puttanna Kanagal

Pala captures the day through his cam and I tried capturing some with my HTC though.. Here is a link for Pala’s album

Picture by Pala: Protest? against what?

I didn’t find it quite possible to get near by and my self and pala have been lucky to get away from the place where in the mob had burnt vehicles etc yesterday evening. People climbing buildings to through the long running queues and authorities pushing the men away to control the crowd and that recalls what had happened when Dr. Rajkumar passed away and everything came to stand still. Please people stay put from such activities atleast while we pay our last tributes to our own stars. This is not the way to end an year and not the way to say good bye to your hero.

Rest in peace Vishnu…


Wikipedia: English Kannada

Legendary C Aswath passes away

Legendary Kannada Sugama Sangeetha singer C Aswath has passed away this morning (29-dec-1939-29-12-2009) creating a big void in Kannada Music world.

His voice is still ringing in our hears. His style of singing Bhaavegeete (Expressive poetry) and Janapada Geete (Flok songs)  always used captivate his listeners. He took the poems of our greatest poets to common people. Santa Shishunala Sharif’s composition is one of his classical works. Its unimaginable to think that, his work can now only be listened to/seen on tapes and videos and there won’t be any more energetic performances by this legend on stage.

He entered Kannada Film industry through “Kaakana Kote” movie. Here is a song from that movie.

Santa ShishunaaLa Sharif’s favorite song: Kodagaana Koli nungitta.


On Wikipedia: English Kannada

Karnataka State Song of Farmers

May his soul rest in peace.

Image Source: Wikipedia



Butterfly known as Paataragitti (ಪಾತರಗಿತ್ತಿ), Patanga (ಪತಂಗ) in Kannada

Does any one remember all the songs written in Kannada on Butterfly?

Short and drowsy weekend with Delhi6

After a long tiring week, I got a chance to sleep for long 14 hours which even ended up eating my one day week-off. Electricity board tried it’s best to keep me away from my gadgets. Anyways I was back online through GPRS on my phone, started tweeting for a while and then I saw Delhi 6.

I heard its a flop movie from few of my friends. Though, I wanted to watch this movie due to couple of songs which I watched on TV. They were indeed pictured pretty well. First half of the movie was totally dull and oscitant. They were just trying to tell how few NRI’s want to get back to their cities here in India and what they will have to face etc.. Once they land here, they have tried to show how India (In movie Delhi 6) and it’s people behave. Nothing special that we could see here. I kept watching the movie as it gained some momentum due to Black Monkey (Looks like they have nothing else other than this monkey from t he beginning of the movie). Hindu Muslim controversy, how Abhishek tries to be Monkey to save his heroin from a freak and why people end up beating him to death, how he gets to talk to his grand pa living in heaven at last how he is survives, all these puts an ends to the story. Ramayana has been used to links the families living in Delhi 6, Monkey and others. Few dialogues brings in smiles other wise, entire movie is dry… Here is one of the songs which I liked very much in this movie.

I’m bit sad now as I need more rest and can’t imagine working again for long hours from tomorrow morning. Long list of to-do’s and scheduled work huh!

Slumdog Millionaire crowned at Golden Globe

It grabs 4 awards in a single day. I’m bit late in blogging this new update but this movie is on my must watch list. Planning to catch a glimpse soon after my exams. A.R Rahman is the first Indian to grab Golden Globe award. This movie is now trying to test its luck at Oscar! All the best to the entire team and Congratulations on its biggest success.

The movie is all about a slum boy in Mumbai who wins Million dollor. Watch it once to see the real slum life of Mumbai slum children.

Movies thundered my mind in new year


Take Down – Movie based on Kevin Mitnick, America’s Most Wanted Computer Outlaw’s capture.

Book: Takedown: The Pursuit and Capture of Kevin Mitnick, America’s Most Wanted Computer Outlaw-By the Man Who Did It. by Tsutomu Shimomura (Author), John Markoff (Author)

Kevin Mitnick, “America’s Most Wanted Computer Outlaw,” eluded the police, US Marshalls, and FBI for over two years after vanishing while on probation for his 1989 conviction for computer and access device fraud. His downfall was his Christmas 1994 break-in to Tsutomu Shimomura’s computers in San Diego, California. Less than two months later, Tsutomu had tracked him down after a cross-country electronic pursuit. Mitnick was arrested by the FBI in Raleigh, North Carolina, on February 15th, 1995. Continue reading from and then buy a book and a movie;)

Are you a wanna be hacker? ;) You will love to watch this movie.


Ghajani – Hindi version.

Its a remake of its Tamil film, Ghajini (2005).

One of the master pieces by Aamir Khan. You can call him a perfectionist. Because, he tries to put in all required efforts to make something different. The efforts which he have put in to build his body to what you’re seeing in the poster all over country is enormous. He is surely going ahead of King Khan in race…

Its a must watch. Don’t miss it. Story? I’m not revealing it…

Movie: Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic

Cute, awesome, peppy and a lovely movie. Watch it once. Children’s in this movie are wonderful! Rani Mukarjee and  Saif Ali Khan fill in life to their cast.  Nope, not disclosing the story watch it ;)

Watch this song and enjoy!