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SongBird 1.2 – A Mozilla Based customizable, cross platform music player. It’s light, fast, awesome, cute and it rocks..


I have tried many music players but nothing like Song Bird… Adding, removing multiple files to library is so damn easy and fast. The latest version of SongBird even optimized this function.

SongBird 1.2 performance enhancements are as follows:

  • Faster search
  • Deleting many tracks at once is faster
  • Selecting a large amount of tracks from the library is no longer slow
  • Reduced the amount of threads required to be running at all times by 50%
  • Fewer Crashes: We’ve worked hard to identify and fix some of the most common crashes in Songbird.

Read Georges Auberger‘s blog post on SongBird 1.2 to learn more about new features such as automatic Library file organization, two way sync with iTunes, radio integration and a cool 10-band equilizer integration.