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Loggin in to too many applications when you just have to get connected with others via various Microbloging websites? Check this out, I have found a way to integrate them all in pidgin.

I was searching for various ways to integrate them all for a while now. Started tweeting via jabber using a and that was fun. Still, there are too many challenges.. I didn’t wanted to tweet few things via, wanted to connect to Facebook and lot more. Is there any way I can integrate them all in Pidgin? Google said yes, there are many ways… I kept on searching to find a better option and each time I found a plugin or two. My search ended here.  This post on “nousessence” pointed me to a plug-in which I had tried some time back but haven’t tried it properly. Plugin named microblog-purple or mbpurple has got an easy way to integrate all microbloging websites on to your Pidgin.

To install this plug-in on Ubuntu just add couple of lines to apt source list as show below:

#sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

Add the following lines to gedit window

deb jaunty main
deb-src jaunty main

And install the plug-in as follows

#sudo aptitude install pidgin-microblog

Start your pidgin, go to Accounts menu, Manage accounts and add your, twitter, facebook and many  other microbloging accounts and you’re done.. You won’t require any other tool after this. This also adds and another plugin to Pidgin called Twitgin to help you with couple of extra features. Check this out and enjoy…

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