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Upgrading Redhat 9 to CentOS 3.x/CentOS 4.x

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Still running some old boxes on Redhat 9? Here is a way to get it upgraded.

Caution: Try this at your own risk

Before proceeding, make sure all your hardware is supported by your chosen target OS

Upgrade Red Hat 9 to CentOS 3.x:

1. Make a full backup of all your data
2. Import GPG Keys: rpm –import Install/Upgrade yum: rpm -Uvh –nodeps

4. Update Release information: rpm -e redhat-release-9-3 &&  rpm -ivh
5. Upgrade Server: yum upgrade

Upgrading to CentOS 4.x

1. Make a full backup of your data.

2. Import GPG keys: rpm –import
3. Install/Upgrade yum: rpm -Uvh –nodeps
4. Upgrade the release: rpm -i
5. Have yum update your OS: yum upgrade

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