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Easy Auto relaunched for Bangaloreans

easy_auto Commuting in Bangalore  using Autorickshaws is not so easy and safe. There have been few initiatives like pre-paid auto etc. to make you feel better about this. I personally never liked the way autowala’s have behaved with commuters and hated myself to be using their service. Though there have been few exceptions where in I was able to reach my destination safe. At times its necessary to use such transport systems though you never like it.

From 15th May onwards, Bangaloreans can Call/SMS for an Auto. Yes, check this out:

No more refusals. With EASY AUTO, Call or SMS 9844112233 or visit to book an auto. Agents fluent in Kannada, English and Hindi man the centre. Your name and destination will be recorded with us, ensuring safety at all times…

Hopefully, this will change the way Autowala’s behave and drive safe inside the city.

Mango’s – which one is ripe?


On the way to Siddara Betta near Madhugiri Talku, Me and my friends found this magnificent Mango tree. How one could ever find a ripe mango on  this? They were all GREEN in color as you could see in the pic.


Mean while Mr. Chamraj found some kids eating Mangoes and even managed to get some mangoes plucked from the tree.. Believe or not I did eat one of those ripe mangoes which they gave us. It was yummy.


No No. I didn’t eat it that way. It was found as is directly on the tree.

How is it possible for a bird to identify ripe mangoes on such a big tree? (If you don’t know Parrot can easily find out ripe mangoes)

Haven’t you tasted mangoes in this season? Go get one right away or you will be missing something.

Royal Savaari on City Road


Captured in Bangalore near Cunningham Road

Identify the two wheeler vehicle name in this photo. Also, do you remember any movie in which this vehicle has been used? (Any Language Movie)

Raagi biscuits: Specialty of Tumkur

Our tastebuds were rejoiced with specialty of Tumkur district “Raagi Biscuits“. In Karnataka Raagi is one of the major corp produced as well as consumed. Raagi mudde (Raagi Ball) and Upsaaru (Salt Sambar/Rasam) or Soppina Saaru is one of the best combinations for our farmers. Even we here in city like to have Raagi mudde as its very nutritious and healthy. Same thing is packed and given to you all via super markets as “Malt”.

Thanks to Bhushan and Mallikarjun for pointing it out while we were packing up from “Neera Nischinthe” program conducted to educate people about “Water Consorvation” in tumkur.

As I write this article hpn puts up a nice blog post on yesterdays event in Pariveshana.


Packaged Raagi Biscuits..


Fresh biscuits @ Nanjundeshwara Bekary

Wordnet: raagi/millet — (any of various small-grained annual cereal and forage grasses of the genera Panicum, Echinochloa, Setaria, Sorghum, and Eleusine)


Fly parking in Bangalore

All fly overs in Bangalore look like parking area’s at times while we travel inside the city. I could see people “fly” over the flyovers and then halt as though they have reached their destination. It happens many times to myself while I’m on road. If you are near Anand Rao circle and planning to go any where near Lalbagh, Koramangala, Vidhana soudha etc you have to wait on top of the fly over and then on Sheshadri Road for almost 45 mins. Sadly, they have cut down all the trees in this road and spoiled the beauty. A flyover build half a through, costing time and millions of tax money on new infrastructure developments. What’s happening?


Politicians and Engineers involved with such projects around Bangalore, I have a small question here for you all. Where is your CS (Common Sense)? We can protest but how many of us really have got time to fight with people who have got no “CS” while, designing, planning and building and approving such projects almost every single day?

Fight for Roti, Makhan our Kapda or Fight for Nature, security and other things. Do we really have plans for the right and bright future of our generation? Are we looking beyond the mirror to see what’s waiting for us in future?

Numbers on wheels


Traveled around 9000+ km’s in my i10…

I know, I have burnt enough petrol but have no other choice. Have to save money, time and energy to work to earn my bread and butter.

Time passes by

It has been quite some time that I bloged regularly. Busy with my new batch of trainees and have been teaching them Gnu/Linux. My passion for Gnu/Linux took me along with few of my comrades from Sampada community and we continued our journey with our unique Gnu/Linux install fest called “Gnu/Linux Habba” v3 @ NMAMIT, Nitte during the weekend. Had a real good time sharing knowledge with students, faculty crew and other interesting enthusiasts who came in there to join their hands with us in our work. Team of volunteers from the college were really helpful in getting many things done and it was really good to work with them. Thanks once again to all of them! My visits to Vidhyavana and Sheshavana opened windows to nature while Dr. Aravinda aithal spoke to us about it and its beauty. The Sunday spent with Mr. Addoor is an unforgettable event.

All this raises the bar up once again and see if I can do more than what I have planned to. I shall write about all this in detail once I’m done with my work.

Till then, have a great day….